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Curb -cut

Curb Cut Effect — When someone’s solution helps everyone

I’ve been studying UX Design and I’ve seen The Curb-Cut Effect, this makes me think about how something made for a specific user or problem can help everyone.

Let’s see an example:

credits: sketchplanations

Curb-cut was originally made for people who use wheelchairs and this works great, however, through time people began using them for carrying things, bikers, and strollers to get on the sidewalk. This wasn’t planned, it only happened throughout the time when more a more people was using them.

Why this is important for UX?
This is important from my point of view because we can take advantage of designs we made, particularly when we are developing something for a specific user or problem, we should test and get feedback, especially in the research stage to detect an opportunity area for our product or service.

Probably in the short term, we wouldn’t be able to notice it but it would be great to be concious of this and stay continuously researching or getting feedback about our product or service. We could get a good surprise!

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