About me

Hello! I’m alangaelrojas as nickname in everywhere (FB, Instagram, Twitter and you know what, now in Threads).

I’m 4+ years experienced as Android Developer, 1+ inmersed and learning about UX Experience Design and Gamification. I really love work with tecnology and make experiments with that, like make some projects with ESP32 and ESP8266, connecting to internet, send values and show them, guess.. in an app haha!

Additionally I enjoy investing some time of my time teaching and giving online classes about android programming in Superprof which it have been the way to talk with people who are interested in mobile development with amazing ideas like one of my recents projects called Fitcube which founder loves fitness and ideated a system to analyze and track fitness and exercise activity using a WitMotion bluetooth device which can measure axxis movement of training equipment, we are working strongly to launch this platform as soon as possible.

I hope to use more and more this blog for sharing more about mobile development and UX Design.